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Google Ads Remarketing


Do you want to remind people who’ve visited your website to buy from you?

Then you need Google Ads remarketing.


Why Use Remarketing?


Costs per click for search campaigns for some industries can be phenomenal and not everyone has the marketing budget to run Google search ads that get results.

And that’s where remarketing can help.


How Do Google Ads Remarketing Work?


Remarketing, also called retargeting, is when people who visit your website are subsequently shown ads as they browse other sites online that are part of the Google Display Network. Think news sites, blogs, etc.

While some people find these ads that follow you around annoying or even creepy, it’s actually super effective at getting people to remember your business and brand.

The best thing about remarketing is that you will only pay when someone clicks on them, and often it takes multiple impressions before people click.

This helps them on their buyer journey before deciding to purchase from you and helps to build awareness and trust at almost no cost!

So if you’re not quite ready for a full blown search campaign, start with remarketing and get your business in front of people who are already engaging with your site.

Remarketing works best if you are getting at least 500-1000 unique visitors to your website each month, as Google requires at least 100 active visitors to your website in the last 30 days in order for remarketing ads to start appearing.

Read more about what remarketing is and how it works on my blog.


Why Trust Me With Your Google Ads Remarketing?


I’m Google Ads qualified which means that I regularly undertake official exams from Google to ensure my knowledge is up to date. This means you can trust me to know what I’m doing when it comes to managing your remarketing campaigns.

And I almost forgot to tell you about the best part! You don’t pay a cent to Google until someone clicks on your ad.

When you’re just running remarketing, you might get just a few clicks per month but the visibility and brand awareness it can bring you can be phenomenal.


Google Ads Remarketing Pricing


Want to know how much remarketing will cost you? Check out my Google Ads pricing here.


So what are you waiting for? To find out more about starting a Google Ads remarketing campaign, contact me today.