Google Ads Process

My Google Ads Process - Cutting Edge Digital

My Google Ads Process

As a Google Ads specialist, I’ve honed my skills over the years to bring you quality Google Ads campaigns with the most efficient process for an affordable cost.

Here’s how I work at Cutting Edge Digital:


Stage 1 – Discovery


This is the most important stage of setting up your Google Ads. I’ll ask you to complete my onboarding form for new clients which will provide me with a range of information I need to set up your campaigns.

This will include details about your website and how we communicate, as well as access to your Google accounts (such as Google Analytics, Google My Business, Google Tag Manager and of course, Google Ads). I’ll also ask what you think people are searching to find your business online, what your opening hours are and where your ideal audience is located.

All this information helps me decide on what keywords we should be bidding on, what locations we should be targeting, and when your ads need to be active.


Stage 2 – Campaign Set Up


After I’ve gathered all the information I need, I’ll build your campaign/s for you.

Generally this will include a search campaign and a remarketing campaign, but may vary depending on your business type and budget.

I’ll research the best keywords to target, split them into relevant ad groups and then write unique ads for each ad group which will be split tested over time to see what converts the best.

Additionally I’ll set up as many ad extensions as relevant for your business and website to help your ads take up more space on the search results page.


Stage 3 – Activation


Once you’re happy with the build, we’ll activate your campaigns – woohoo!

I’ll monitor them closely in the first few weeks to ensure all settings are working correctly and budgets are spending appropriately.


Stage 4 – Monitoring & Reporting


Once the accounts have been running for a few weeks, I’ll check in at least weekly with your campaigns to ensure we’re getting the best bang for your buck.

Monitoring activities include reviewing search terms, to find new keywords as well as add negative keywords to avoid wasted clicks), reviewing ad performance, ad extension performance, device performance and day/hour performance. This allows me to then make broader decisions on what’s working well and what can be tweaked, edited or culled completely if needed.

I recommend running Google Ads for at least 3-6 months before making sweeping decisions on what’s working and what’s not working as it can take some time to build enough data for a bigger picture.


Ready to get your business on Google Ads?


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