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Don’t just take my word for it! Read some recent reviews from my clients:

Fiona, Perth

Reeva is your one-stop business when it comes to Google and Facebook Adverts. The increase in our sales and exposure to new business opportunities has been amazing since we contacted and started using Reeva’s services at the start of this year. Reeva has a wealth of knowledge on Google Adwords campaigns, analytics and Facebook advert campaigns. We would highly recommend Reeva from Cutting Edge Digital to anyone who requires these services.

Mandy, Perth

I would highly recommend Reeva , we have worked with her for a number of years now and have noticed a huge improvement in our SEO since she began. She has worked with us on Google Ads and blog posts too. We have had experience with other digital marketing agencies but prefer Reeva’s focus on small business, it really makes a difference .

Kirsty, Brisbane

Reeva is ‘da bomb’! She took an ad campaign that wasn’t optimised, connected to analytics or functional to one that consistently brought qualified leads. I cannot rate Cutting Edge Digital more highly and will recommend everyday. THANK YOU!!

Eve, Perth

Reeva is great- organised, patient, helpful, professional and experienced. She manages our Google Adwords and within weeks of setting up our new campaigns we noticed a significant increase in our ROI and decrease in misdirected phone calls. With Reeva’s help our business has saved $$$ of our annual marketing budget.

Kristin, Sydney

Reeva from Cutting Edge Digital went out of her way to review my Google Ads for my business. She put together an extensive list of recommendations to improve my Google Ads. She was so giving of her time and her advice. I would highly recommend her services 🌟🌟🌟

Kim, South Africa

After battling with Google AdWords express for nearly a year we had such an amazing change when Reeva Cutting from Cutting Edge Digital got involved. In under 48 hours we saw RESULTS! Yes tangible and measurable results. As a small business, this is really invaluable to us. I watched our bounce rate drop from over 50% to under 20% in one day and while that was happening – confirmed bookings were coming in. Amazing! Reeva provides an excellent, personal and professional service that is of a world class standard. Thank you so much for adding such value to our business we are so grateful.

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